Our activities

Our activities

What we did so far…



In collaboration with Sarah Ramani Ineichen (BttR) a member of the National Council, Rebecca Ruiz from Canton Waadt handed in the postulate 17.4181 on 14.12.2917: “Licht ins Dunkel bringen: In den 80er Jahren wurden Kinder aus Sri Lanka in der Schweiz illegal adoptiert.”
The National Council accepted the postulate on 16.3.2018.

On 2nd February 2018 Sarah met with Stéphanie Périllard of the Swiss embassy in Sri Lanka to introduce Back to the Roots and discuss our interests. We are grateful for this opportunity and hope the Swiss government will continue to involve us in the further process and collaboration with other receiving countries.

On 19th Feb 2018 we were invited by the Federal Office of Justice for a meeting on the topic of illegal adoptions in Sri Lanka. We exchanged information and learned that the FOJ is currently gathering information, which the report demanded by the postulate will be based on. The FOJ is in contact with other European countries, Sri Lankan authorities and the various responsible offices in the different Swiss cantons. The report will have to be written within 2 years after the postulate was accepted and has to shed light in the matter of Sri Lanka adoptions in the 80s and the alleged failure of authorities to guarantee legal and ethical procedures throughout.

We ask to be involved in the further process of this matter.



  • Press articles
  • Press communication in collaboration with La Voix des Adoptés, Inter Country Adoptee Voices, Born in Lebanon
  • TV documentary “Temps présent” RTS

Facebook group

In the wake of the media attention this topic received in autum 2017, many adopteees have come forward in search of support and answers to their questions. To provide a space for those questions and allow an open exchange in a protected environment, we have created a closed Facebook group (exclusively for Ari Lankan adoptees in Switzerland) as well as a public Facebook page.


Adoptee reunions

  • On 20th January 2018 we organised a reunion for adoptees in Bern
  • Next reunion takes place on 18th August 2018


International collaboration

Olivia is in close contact with other adoptee-led organisations of various receiving countries to guarantee a flow of information in both directions and synchronise our efforts. This also allows insight into adoption documents of adoptees from all over the globe, which allows us to get a clearer picture of how and by whom adoptions were handled in that time.


Research in Sri Lanka

With the help of trustworthy and experienced people in Sri Lanka and various receiving countries we have conducted researches, verfied adoption papers and met with searching mothers.


Other activities

  • Participation in info event in Friboug “Your life now” – illegale Adoption
  • Participation in “Nationale Fachtagung: Herkunftssuche heute – Aktuelle Fragen und Perspektiven”, 8. Mai 2018 by PACH, BJ, Espace A
  • Fundraising through sales of T-Shirts


  • Art project with photographer Matthieu Zellweger
  • Awareness campaigns in Sri Lanka for searching mothers
  • Workshops for adoptees