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Back to the Roots…

Back to the Roots…

… looking for answers

Since 2017 more and more information has been surfacing regarding adoption practices in the 1980s – specifically, but not exclusively international adoptions from Sri Lanka, which suggest that often these proceedings were handled in unlawful, unethical and inhumane ways.

The interest group Back to the Roots (BTTR) seeks to represent interests of adopteees in Switzerland, primarily towards the general public and in political matters.

BTTR aims at uncovering the truth about the adoption practices that ruled adoptions from Sri Lanka in and around the 1980s, seeks public acknowledgment thereof and works on preventing repetition of such questionable practices.

BTTR facilitates the following:

  • raising awareness among the general population and those directly affected;
  • support of adoptees and original mothers in their search;
  • investigation of past and current adoption practices

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