Sarah Ramani Ineichen, born 1981

I am a mother of three, a midwife and I live with my family in Canton Geneva. I was adopted 1981 through Haus Seewarte/Adoptio.

Since 2016 I have searched intensively for my biological family in Sri Lanka, until today to no avail. I have travelled to Sri Lanka three times and have spent a total of 5 weeks searching there. Between these trips I have been accepting the help of several locals who continue searching for me.

This is what I know about my adoption:

  • The birth place and date in my adoption papers are most likely incorrect. I am not registered at the indicated hospital.
  • The name and details of the mother indicated on my birth certificate belong to a different woman who was used as acting mother during my adoption in court. A DNA test has proven that she is not my real mother.
  • I have no further leads that could help me in my search and I have no information regarding the circumstances of my adoption.

Responsibilities within BttR:

  • Public Relations
  • Political activities
  • Public Facebook page
  • President IG Back to the Roots

Olivia Ramya Tanner, born 1981

lives in the Canton Zurich, adopted through Dawn De Silva

I have been searching for my Srilankan family since early 2016, until today without success.

This is what I have done in my search:

  • February 2016: Hired private searcher, no results
  • April 2016 / August 2016 / October 2017: Research trips to Sri Lanka show:
    Birth certificate is incorrect; missing seal and signature; not registered at indicated hospital; no registration at respective Divisional Secretariat; Grama Sevaka has no information
  • January 2017: DNA-Test to find blood relatives
  • Mai 2017: Newspaper article in Sri Lanka, no results

Responsibilities within BttR:

  • Search and DNA testing
  • International collaboration / contacts in Sri Lanka
  • Events for adoptees
  • Closed Facebook group

Ursula Berset-Wicki, born 1973

My business background is based on a large experience in the public sector management, especially in finance and reporting, project management and strategy development. I have a degree in Economics.

I am not adopted personally, but through family members I have come in contact with the subject. For a long time, I was sure that an international adoption is a win-win situation for both the adopted child and the new parents. But the BTTR research results have taught me a lesson: this is not always the case and the whole story is much more complicated. There is still quite a long way to go until the public law and processes meet the needs of adopted people, their biological families and couples that would like to adopt a child.

Responsibilities within BttR:

  • Supporting the setting up of the association’s organisational structure and instruments
  • Networking with public sector institutions
  • Setting up financial support agreements
  • Financial planning and annual reporting

Lorenz Buchser

At Back to the Roots, I make sure the numbers are right. Sound finances, reliable information, efficient cooperation and accurate accounting are the soil in which our grass takes grassroots, so it can rise into the sky.

I am an economist and social scientist, I enjoy numbers and people, innovative tools, political processes and the dynamics of Back to the Roots. The experience of living in a developing country for two years and travelling to many others helps me to understand the situation in Sri Lanka.

Responsibilities within BttR:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Keeping the founders’ options open